Do You Suffer From AWRS/AWGS?

Let me explain two concepts you may have never heard of because, well, I made them up. These aren’t actual diagnosed medical conditions, but I believe they are as serious as ADD/ADHD, which I don’t think are actually medical conditions, but I digress.

The first condition we’ll look at is AWRS which is an acronym for Acquired White Racist Syndrome, a malady that largely affects black folks, mainly those whom I declare to be members of the Apostles of Blackness, another group that I have made up myself to describe those who hold to uber-black rhetoric and ideas, in particular those who believe that white supremacy hides in every fiber of society and that our laws are interwoven with coded racist rhetoric that only the well-initiated can understand. These are the folks who like to jump immediately at the mention of a black person meeting some kind of unfortunate circumstance at the hands of a vanilla-fleshed individual but are usually silent when the roles are reversed; the crickets usually fill in the void left by the silence and their chorus can be quite deafening.

AWRS can also describe those who believe that all white folks are inherently racists and that being white inherits them with some sort of special “privilege” that isn’t afforded to black folks. White folks aren’t to be trusted including those that seem to fight for equality for black folks; they may fight for the rights of black and brown folks, but they are still white.

Those with AWRS also believe that the most beneficial country in history, a country they were born and raised in, was founded on racist principles. They also believe the 3/5 Compromise dehumanized black people and that that dehumanization applies today which is, they believe, the reason black folks can’t get ahead in the US today.

Of course, the Apostles of Blackness don’t have a toenail to stand on when they go about to “prove” these allegations. They simply assume that white folks will get away with the crimes that black folks won’t get away with. I can remember the Duke Lacrosse kerfuffle in which a black girl falsely accused several white members of the Blue Devils’ lacrosse squad of raping her. When it became apparent that the team members were clearly not guilty and that Durham, NC district attorney, Mike Nifong, basically played along in order to win admiration from the black community and some votes for a soon-coming election, black folks made the accusation that “had those boys been black, they would have quickly been sent to prison.” I even heard with my own ears a black person say “those boys look guilty.” Accusations like this only serve the purpose of perpetuating the lie that black folks can’t get away with the same crimes that white folks do.

Even though there are black people who live successful lives here in the US, we are told we have to work ten times as hard as white people to match their success. While there is no evidence to back up these claims, the Apostles of Blackness continue to push this rhetoric in order to reap the benefits of their supposed “victimization.” Albeit many of us benefit from the presence of Affirmative Action, we still have to work harder than the “white man” to get ahead.

I remember a post I put on Facebook about one Jay-Z, the famous rapper who is married to the even more famous Beyonce, who, despite being worth around $1 billion, wanted to preach about the evils of white privilege. I was criticized for stating this and I was reminded that Jay-Z had to work hard to escape the projects and become successful. I’ve never listened to Jay-Z’s music but I’ve read that his “success” began with rapping about the ‘hood, drug dealing, and gang-banging. I was excoriated for criticizing Bey’s husband and told that I demean myself and my fellow black constituents. This is the type of hive-mind rhetoric a black person has to face when he thinks for himself; too many black folks believe their race is contained in a vacuum of monolithic collectivism and if anyone thinks outside the boundaries, that person is branded as a traitor to his race.

Then, there is the high-supreme goddess of them all, Oprah Winfrey, who is also soaring high in the stratosphere of billions of dollars and who is also bemoaning so-called white privilege. Had it not been for those vanilla-skinned colonizers, Oprah, Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc., would never have enjoyed their present success. There’s one minor factor that neither one of them seem to understand: They are worth more than your typical white person. However, their thinking seems to say, black folks have to work harder than anyone in order to enjoy the successes of white folks, who have their wealth handed to them from some rich relative as if white folks didn’t have to work hard to enjoy their prosperity. Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James can wail about black oppression and police on the hunt for black prey while they enjoy luxuries that most white folks long for.

As I am writing this, a viral video featuring an interview Oprah is having with Prince Harry and Meagan Markle is gaining popularity on the interwebs. The former royal couple’s claim is that the tension between them and their royal family is because of supposed racism. Thanks to many Americans being infected with AWRSmany folks take the side of the ex-royals without question. You know Oprah is enjoying herself eating this all up!

Although AWRS is not an actual disease, it still wreaks havoc on one’s grey matter, like a Category 5 hurricane. Even if one were to strip away the validity of their arguments, they would still rather cling to the lies they have been fed. In my humble opinion, AWRS is somewhat of a mental disorder. Its proponents are selective in their thinking; in other words, they believe what they want to believe and get outraged at what they choose to get mad at. They don’t live in the realm of reality and have dreams of a social utopia, where everyone gets along and sings “Kumbaya” all day. Sad to say, that day isn’t coming until Jesus returns.

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