“Suck it up!” You first, Whoopi.

You know, the liberals are so full of crap, we need to hire a surplus of garbage workers to haul their mess away. They are the ones who consider themselves to be loving, compassionate, and tolerant while projecting hate and intolerance onto their political opposites; one of the worst offenders and best examples of this is Whoopi Goldberg who happens to host the show The View along with a group of Trump-hating harpies. For four years, we’ve heard these cackling hens moan, cry, and whine about the latest antics of our 45th President, Donald Trump. I have never heard Whoopi say anything good about Trump and she fosters so much hate for him, she can only refer to him as “you-know-who.” The hate she and her cohosts harbor against him is obvious, open, and on display for all to watch, as well as their hypocrisy.

So, the virtual-signaling Goldberg gets into the faces of millions of Americans through the TV screen and tells those who voted for Trump to “suck it up like we sucked it up!”

Early in her career, Ms. Goldberg was a stand-up comedienne – I didn’t know she was still doing comedy routines today.

Anyway, did the Trump-haters “suck it up” after Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election? I can remember the clips of people engaging in violent riots and pitching epic baby-tantrum fits when Trump won the Presidency. The calls for The Donald to be impeached began almost as soon as he won the election, before he was even inaugurated. I remember the clips of folks vandalizing businesses the day he took to the White House and how can we forget the non-talented, thinks-she-can-sing Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the Executive Mansion. I remember the footage of protesters throwing liquid onto people as they arrived to attend the Inaugural Ball. Yet, Whoopi tells Trump supporters to “suck it up!”

I can remember Van Jones complaining about “whitewashing” and Cenk Uyger (of The Young Turks) wincing with disgust after learning Donald Trump was now his President. Or, how about Rachel Maddow telling Hillary supporters they weren’t dreaming, or the girl threatening to kill herself, or the classic woman screaming after learning of her fate? Yet, Whoopi tells Trump supporters to “suck it up!”

How about the time when the aforementioned Goldberg and her partner-in-crime host, Joy Behar, stormed off the set when they had a disagreement with Bill O’Reilly or the colorful language she used when she had that tiff with Judge Jeanine Pirro? Yet, she says Trump supporters need to “suck it up!”

Personally, I think Whoopi and her cohorts have one too many fruit bats flapping in their collective belfries.

When Obama won two terms, did we see conservatives take to the streets to vandalize property, attack random citizens, and destroy businesses? Did they cry like spoiled babies after learning the person they didn’t vote for was now their President? Even now, have we witnessed conservatives engaging in violent protests because Joe Biden is the projected winner? Nope, to every question!

So, Whoopi, the next time you or any of your liberal-minded shills get that “mightier-than-thou” smug attitude and tell folks to “suck it up”, I’ll respond with “You first!”

You all have a nice day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

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