Michelle, please go away.

Doesn’t she remind you of Anita Hill when she testified against Clarence Thomas?

Man, why won’t Michelle Obama just go away? Somehow, she has remained in the public spotlight after she and her husband, Barack, left the White House. During their tenure in the Presidency, the Obamas would consistently spout off with racially-tinged rhetoric such as “the police acted stupidly,” “if I had a son, he’d look just like Travon,” “there are those who will think you are the help,” among others. Between the two of them, though, I think Michelle may have been the more vocal with the racial rants. She would mention how someone once mistook her husband for a valet because he was wearing a tuxedo and would complain that someone asked her to help get something from the top shelf in a Target, viewing these incidents as proof that racism is just as alive and well as it was in the ’50s and ’60s. At her myriad graduation speeches, she would never pass up the chance to mention some racial grievance that black folks continue to endure today. Black folks continue to fawn over the image of Goddess Michelle as they believe she’s the spokesperson that has brought racial prejudice to the forefront of American society.

I have several problems with this

First, Michelle doesn’t speak for all of us. Many of the racial grievances she speaks of haven’t been experienced by all black folks. Michelle and others who think like her assume that one black person’s experience is all black people’s experiences. As of this writing, I am 52 years-old and have yet to experience these incidents that the pro-black establishment says happens to black folks on a daily basis. Given, I don’t doubt that blacks have experienced hardships during the Jim Crow era and I have seen the footage of separate water fountains, dogs being let loose on protesters, and water hoses being sprayed on black citizens. This was a horrible time in this nation and it should never happen again. However, to hear the Goddess explain it, times haven’t changed from that dark period in our nation’s history. According to her, black folks are still at a disadvantage to our white counterparts and lack the same access to resources as white folks. I find this scenario to be quite baffling.

When I started school in the mid-70s, I was in the first grade reading on a third-grade reading level! In the county where I grew up (Prince George’s County in southern Maryland), I was ranked in the top ten readers. And here’s the kicker: Most of my teachers were white!

Michelle does a disservice to the very people she purports to help by saying black folks can’t get ahead in this life unless they get help from some outside entity, i.e. the government. Michelle’s rhetoric paints blacks as being helpless creatures who need special treatment to get ahead in this “racist” country. I, for one, grow increasingly irritated at these sorts of rants because I don’t need any kind of special treatment from anyone in order for me to get ahead. People like Michelle would have you believe that the mere fact that one is black puts them at a disadvantage to the more “privileged” white folks. I don’t see my skin color as a liability…or an asset.

For those of you who still think black people are at a disadvantage to white people, tell me if you still believe that after checking this out.

Anyway, leaving the White House hasn’t made Mommy Michelle any less vocal as she continues to spout off with her activist rhetoric. In this article, Michelle the Bell says that Trump put her and her family in danger because of his racist lies against her husband. Question: What in the Sam Hill is she talking about? Anyone who has sat in the Big White Home is assigned Secret Service for life. Notice she doesn’t specify what kind of danger she and her family were in because she knows she can say anything and her adoring fans will simply take her words at face value.

Here’s another one from the Most High Michelle in which she rants that white people continue to run away from colored folks when they move into their neighborhoods. I wonder how many folks ran away from the Obamas when they purchased that million-dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard, which happens to be 95% white. She doesn’t seem to be in danger living among her vanilla-skinned neighbors.

Oh, and here’s a doozy in which Her Highness comes to the assumption that white folks pretend she doesn’t exist. Oh, will you come off it, Michelle! You really think you are so special that folks have to acknowledge you every time you make an appearance? It would seem the Great One is a little delusional in her thinking. Consider this: Can you count how many times you’ve seen Mrs. Obama gracing the pages of a mainstream magazine? Since her husband won the seat to the White House, how many times have you seen Melania Trump gracing the front cover of a national magazine? I thought so.

My advice is that Michelle and her race-baiting compatriots need to find a nice, comfortable place to sit down in order to allow proper blood flow to their brains.

The issue of racism will never die as long as the race hustlers continue to stir the fires every time they die down. It is folks like this that continue to perpetuate the myth of racial injustice for their own benefit and until their voices are silenced, we will probably suffer with their misguided reasonings for a very long time.

As a bonus, I’ll leave you with one of Michelle Obama’s race-baiting graduation speeches.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

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