Michelle Obama Bounces Her Lips Again

One thing I like to embrace is my uniqueness as I understand that we are all unique and have our own personal-made abilities, dreams, aspirations, and situations. No matter what our race, we are all individuals with distinct personalities.

One of the things that frustrates me more than anything are so-called black leaders who like to stand on their proverbial soapboxes and act as if they are the appointed mouthpieces for the entire black race. They speak as if the experience of one black person is the experience of all black folks and that the sins of the white race in the past are the same transgressions we are dealing with today. If I, a black person, explain to them that I haven’t experienced the oppression that many complain about, I’m told that I’m “lucky” (I don’t believe in luck) or that I’ve experienced oppression but I have yet to realize it. The Apostles of Blackness seem to think that if you are black and don’t think along with the collective of their black contemporaries, you are out of touch with your “blackness.” In other words, they want to control the narrative and, therefore, control how you think.

I, for one, don’t give a ripped pair of jeans about your skin color or how my race suffered under the Jim Crow Laws, because we are not going through that today. I was born at the tail-end of the Civil Rights Era (1968) and I have never experienced segregated schools, hotels, restaurant, bathrooms, or water fountains. I will admit that in my entire life, I’ve only had a couple of white folks call me me nigger. I can’t count how many times I’ve been called that name by black folks.

I am rather bothered by these self-appointed leaders who bemoan the “fact” that black folks suffer from some form of white racism everyday as if we are totally innocent from doing the same to others. When we get pulled over for speeding, it’s because of white supremacy; our children failing in schools is because white schools get more funding than black schools; our neighborhoods are run-down because of “white flight”; it would seem that everything negative that happens to a black person can be traced back to “white privilege.”

To hear The Apostles of Blackness explain it, our prisons being full of black folks is evidence of “white supremacy,” not excessive crime rates among the blacks. Lebron James explained it so eloquently when he said black people are being hunted down every time they step out their front door. Of course, our police are demonized for being racist hunters looking to meet their quotas of black oppression.

I’ve recently done an article on The Great Goddess, Michelle Obama, explaining that folks like her are a huge part of the problem because they would rather point their fingers at white folks for the sufferings of their black colleagues instead of using their platforms to call their fellow melanated brothers and sisters to take responsibility for their actions that lead to negative consequences.

So, now, Michelle (who is a millionaire and has a permanent detail of Secret Service to protect her family) opines that she’s afraid for her daughters because of what she’s seen compliments of our faithful mainstream media. She thinks that her daughters would be in danger simply for getting into a car. This fake caution has gained traction in the black community; I have a family member who told me she’s scared for her children whenever they leave the house. From what I gather, she and her husband are great parents who believe in strict discipline. So, I really believe they have nothing to worry about.

The tragic killings we’ve heard reported on the news of several black folks weren’t the result of white supremacist police officers gunning down innocent blacks who were skipping down the street with a basket of freshly baked goodies to their grandmothers’ houses.

Michael Brown was killed because he attacked a cop.

Breonna Taylor hung with the wrong crowd and died when cops fired into her dwelling after her boyfriend fired at them first.

Rayshard Brooks resisted arrest, took a taser from a cop, and was shot and killed when he aimed it at the officer.

Eric Garner died when he resisted arrest for selling illegal cigarettes on the street.

No matter what you thing about the George Floyd/Derrick Chauvin case, Floyd would probably still be alive if he hadn’t resisted arrest for passing a fake $20 bill.

Ma’Khia Bryant was in the act of stabbing another girl when she was shot and killed.

I can go on and on, but you can get my point. I know some of you out there may want to give me misery for pointing out the faults of these “victims”, but that’s akin to a proverbial ostrich sticking its head in the ground to ignore the obvious.

My message is to Oprah, Jay-Z/Beyonce, the Obamas, and any other privileged black actor, athlete, or politician who rake in millions but still want to bemoan the specter of “white supremacy”: You need to take advantage of your platforms to point your fellow black compatriots to their responsibilities. We need to teach our girls to respect themselves to become ladies, our young men to avoid the temptations in this world and carry themselves with dignity, and teach our boys to be fathers to their children.

Until you privileged and pampered black folks learn to do this, I’ll repeat myself…

Please go somewhere and sit down!

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

The above video was posted on YouTube by Anthony Brian Logan. I do not own the rights to the video. Check him out as his videos are good!

One thought on “Michelle Obama Bounces Her Lips Again

  1. “Michelle” is clearly a crossdressing man. The idea that this faggot represents black people is disgusting.


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