I’m Ticked Off!

BLM, the NAACP, and the Apostles of Blackness all say that we are to protect our black sisters. I guess I wasn’t the right sister.

Everyone who knows me knows how I despise groups like BLM, the NAACP, Black Panthers, etc. All these groups seek to do is to perpetuate the lie that white supremacists and the KKK are the biggest threats to black people; therefore, as long as these groups exist, there will always be some element of “systemic racism” that will continue to oppress us and hold us back from success.

So, why is it that black people (among other races) can emigrate to the US from other countries and encounter success within a few years, while those of us who were born here continue to moan and whine about the evils of the white man? But I digress.

Take a good look at the picture above; take it in. The young lady pictured was a 39-year old mother of four living in Baltimore, MD. Not only that, she was a police officer. Her name was Keona Holley. On December 16, 2021, at about 1:30AM, she was sitting in her car when she was ambushed by two career thugs, Elliot Knox, 31, and Travon Shaw, 32. They shot and mortally wounded her before running from the scene to another area where they shot and killed another victim. Ms. Holley was taken to the hospital where she was put on life support. More than a week later (December 24, Christmas Eve) she was taken off life support and succumbed to her injuries.

This must be some kind of mistake. These dudes certainly don’t look like white supremacists to me!

It’s tragic that Keona’s children will be without their mother on Christmas. I am certain that these two good citizens were emboldened by the anti-cop/defund the police rhetoric that has swept through our country recently. These two punks had been in trouble with the law since their teens and one wonders why criminals like these were running free on the streets of B-town. The American justice system bears as much blame for this incident as the two Boy Scouts who committed the crime. Furthermore, the recent wave of social justice activism in our country has a lot to play in this incident as well. Ever since the incident involving Trayvon Martin in 2012 (which didn’t involve a cop), sentiment for the men-in-blue has been declining. Add in Lebron James’ statements (the police are hunting down black folks) and Colin Kaepernck’s kneeling and you have an atmosphere among US citizens that isn’t too kind to our LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers). As a result, we see increased violence against police officers like never before.

Thanks to our “faithful” news media, many black folks believe the police only exist to give black people misery. We’re told that along with “systemic racism”, the police are involved in a genocide against the black race. To hear the Apostles of Blackness tell it, black people are the only ones being pulled over for traffic violations (a phenomenon known as “driving while black”), they’re the only ones killed during incidents with the police, or the mass of black prisoners in our penitentiaries results from some kind of hidden racism within our laws.

Something folks don’t seem to get is that black folks kill WAY more black folks than the police do. In several months’ time, blacks kill more blacks than were ever killed by white supremacists in the history of the US. We turn our focus away from the bigger problems facing black communities, which is why we generally fail to get ahead in society. Once again, we are so focused on the specter of racism, which isn’t a major problem in the US, we ignore what is really the problem: fatherless homes, poor education, having babies out of wedlock, and government dependence. I hate to say this, but it needs to be said: racism will never go away; also, black folks need to realize that they can be just as racist as anyone else. One will encounter some form of racism no matter what country they visit and the US is nowhere near being the most racist country in the world.

Whenever a Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, George Floyd, or a Freddie Gray meets an unexpected end during an encounter with a cop, the news media takes it upon themselves to make sure these stories get national coverage. They’re not doing it out of a noble sense of bringing the information to the masses, but because they care about raising the ratings of their respective stations, which results in a steady flow of delicious dollars. The news media is filled with experts who know how to embellish and ramp up a story to make it sound more sensational than it really is. They can take a 30-minute story and reduce it to a 30-second sound bite. A little snip here, some editing there, and they’ll have their package delivered to you over the airwaves nicely wrapped with a bow on top. That package is designed to get you to think a certain way and, eventually, to act a certain way. Let’s just say the news stations care only about giving you the news, not the truth. This is why many of us believe the US is an inherently racist nation which will stop at nothing to make black and brown persons lives miserable. Many of us jump into our time-travelling Deloreans to travel to the past and try to bring past injustices into our present so they can perpetuate the falsehood of present-day racism.

The pro-black groups we’re familiar with love to say we need to protect our black women since they are supposedly the most disrespected group of people of people in our country. We love to refer to them as beautiful “queens”.

If the crime committed against a black person originates from another black person, except for local communities, most won’t hear about it; black on white, crickets; white on black, the white person is a racist. Our news media loves to play along these lines.

Anyway, the two thugs pictured above can in no way be mistaken for being white, but their crimes won’t meet the national outrage a “crime” against Breonna Taylor will. Not one of our black leaders will excoriate them for not protecting one of our “queens.” You won’t find Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Benjamin Crump bloviating about this horrible injustice. They reserve the word “injustice” only for a black person who has a negative encounter with a white person.

So, apparently, Ms. Holley probably wasn’t the right kind of black person, her being a police officer. However, no matter if the victim were black, white, yellow, brown, red, or olive, we should be outraged at the injustice that was dealt to them simply because they are still human. But who am I? I’m just a nondescript black guy who lives in Durham, NC.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

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