H.R. 61 – Stupidity Continues

One too many seagulls have laid their eggs in that bird’s nest on her head.

Before I go into this article, let me state a fact you may not be aware of and I’m not going to be nice about it: Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee is a fruit bat.1 This woman’s resume is chocked full of embarrassing statements and actions that lets any decent-minded person realize that the congresswoman from Houston’s bananas are ripe, but the monkeys ain’t swinging. From her wanting hurricanes to be given black names in the name of representation, to her declaring the Constitution to be 400 years-old, to her declaring that there are “two Vietnams,” to her ignoring citizens at a town hall meeting while she talks on a phone, and others, it certainly baffles the mind how in the name of Houston, Texas she has lasted almost 30 years as a member of Congress. Consequently, this probably exposes the intelligence level of her voters because they’re the main reason Jackson-Lee has endured for so long.

Anyone who uses common sense will come to the conclusion that Jackson-Lee is a high-level race baiter who carries a deck of race cards wherever she roams.

Anyway, this article is about a bill SJL introduced January 9, 2023, dubbed the “Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023” or, HR 61. The introduction to the bill reads as such:

To prevent and prosecute white supremacy inspired hate crime and conspiracy to commit white supremacy inspired hate crime and to amend title 18, United States Code, to expand the scope of hate crimes.

Title 18 is the main criminal code of the US Government, and while time and space prohibits me from stating the specifics in the code, it basically defines what constitutes criminal activity within the borders of the USA. Translated, HR 61’s intro would probably read as thus:

To prevent and prosecute any white person who in any way corrects or disagrees with any minor (especially black people), be they common citizens or leaders.

Why does Ms. Lee have to specify white supremacy, as if white people are the cause for anything negative that happens in society? She seems to think that crimes committed by vanilla people are worse than crimes committed by other races, as if black persons do absolutely nothing wrong but are always being preyed on by their white counterparts.

By the way, Title 18 covers any crime that could be committed by white supremacists. Albeit evil, it is not a crime to be a white supremacist. I may discuss the issue of white supremacy in another posting since the Apostles of Blackness love to toss that term around like a proverbial volleyball.

But, hey, you get what you vote for.

If you would like to view Lee’s proposed bill, you can view it here.

Same with Title 18.

You all have a great day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

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