This site is about exposing the truth about certain elements within the black community that needs to be explained. This is in no way to degrade or demean other black people but to share the truth with them that they have been blinded to. The opinions I post in this site come from a Christian perspective. If I post an opinion and my opinion turns out to be wrong, I will admit my wrong but the posted opinion will remain. I do this to instill a sense of honesty in this site, to show that the author himself isn’t perfect.

If you are a visitor to this site and see a post you’d like to share with others, by all means do so, as long as you give credit to the creator of the post (me). Also, I need to share some rules with you before you peruse the site:

1) I have no problem if you disagree with me so I expect you to be mature if you choose to comment on any of my posts. I will not tolerate disrespect: profanity, character assassinations, ad hominem attacks, etc. If you engage in these tactics, you will be blocked and your comment(s) deleted.

2) Please post your comment(s) clearly and try your best to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation when making your statements. Nothing is more frustrating than someone posting a statement and it can’t be understood because it looks as if it’s been mutilated by a pack of piranhas. Such comments that can’t be clearly understood will be removed.

3) If you are an atheist, agnostic, or simply a hater of Christianity, please refrain from making any comments, as this site is not for you. I may make criticisms about things that go on in certain Christian circles, but I am still a Christian.

4) There is no need to lie about the different personalities I will mention here (yes, I’m going to name names). There is enough dirt going on with the Apostles of Blackness so we don’t need to tell lies about them. This site is about the truth and anyone who posts lies about any of them will be blocked and their comment(s) removed.

5) Please do not make vague statements. For example, if you disagree with one of my posts, don’t say “Vincent you are wrong” without telling me why you think I’m wrong. Please be thorough (and respectable!) in posting your explanations, whether you agree or disagree with me.

Just keep these in mind and I hope you enjoy your visit to Black By Color Only.