Michelle Obama Bounces Her Lips Again

One thing I like to embrace is my uniqueness as I understand that we are all unique and have our own personal-made abilities, dreams, aspirations, and situations. No matter what our race, we are all individuals with distinct personalities.

One of the things that frustrates me more than anything are so-called black leaders who like to stand on their proverbial soapboxes and act as if they are the appointed mouthpieces for the entire black race. They speak as if the experience of one black person is the experience of all black folks and that the sins of the white race in the past are the same transgressions we are dealing with today. If I, a black person, explain to them that I haven’t experienced the oppression that many complain about, I’m told that I’m “lucky” (I don’t believe in luck) or that I’ve experienced oppression but I have yet to realize it. The Apostles of Blackness seem to think that if you are black and don’t think along with the collective of their black contemporaries, you are out of touch with your “blackness.” In other words, they want to control the narrative and, therefore, control how you think.

I, for one, don’t give a ripped pair of jeans about your skin color or how my race suffered under the Jim Crow Laws, because we are not going through that today. I was born at the tail-end of the Civil Rights Era (1968) and I have never experienced segregated schools, hotels, restaurant, bathrooms, or water fountains. I will admit that in my entire life, I’ve only had a couple of white folks call me me nigger. I can’t count how many times I’ve been called that name by black folks.

I am rather bothered by these self-appointed leaders who bemoan the “fact” that black folks suffer from some form of white racism everyday as if we are totally innocent from doing the same to others. When we get pulled over for speeding, it’s because of white supremacy; our children failing in schools is because white schools get more funding than black schools; our neighborhoods are run-down because of “white flight”; it would seem that everything negative that happens to a black person can be traced back to “white privilege.”

To hear The Apostles of Blackness explain it, our prisons being full of black folks is evidence of “white supremacy,” not excessive crime rates among the blacks. Lebron James explained it so eloquently when he said black people are being hunted down every time they step out their front door. Of course, our police are demonized for being racist hunters looking to meet their quotas of black oppression.

I’ve recently done an article on The Great Goddess, Michelle Obama, explaining that folks like her are a huge part of the problem because they would rather point their fingers at white folks for the sufferings of their black colleagues instead of using their platforms to call their fellow melanated brothers and sisters to take responsibility for their actions that lead to negative consequences.

So, now, Michelle (who is a millionaire and has a permanent detail of Secret Service to protect her family) opines that she’s afraid for her daughters because of what she’s seen compliments of our faithful mainstream media. She thinks that her daughters would be in danger simply for getting into a car. This fake caution has gained traction in the black community; I have a family member who told me she’s scared for her children whenever they leave the house. From what I gather, she and her husband are great parents who believe in strict discipline. So, I really believe they have nothing to worry about.

The tragic killings we’ve heard reported on the news of several black folks weren’t the result of white supremacist police officers gunning down innocent blacks who were skipping down the street with a basket of freshly baked goodies to their grandmothers’ houses.

Michael Brown was killed because he attacked a cop.

Breonna Taylor hung with the wrong crowd and died when cops fired into her dwelling after her boyfriend fired at them first.

Rayshard Brooks resisted arrest, took a taser from a cop, and was shot and killed when he aimed it at the officer.

Eric Garner died when he resisted arrest for selling illegal cigarettes on the street.

No matter what you thing about the George Floyd/Derrick Chauvin case, Floyd would probably still be alive if he hadn’t resisted arrest for passing a fake $20 bill.

Ma’Khia Bryant was in the act of stabbing another girl when she was shot and killed.

I can go on and on, but you can get my point. I know some of you out there may want to give me misery for pointing out the faults of these “victims”, but that’s akin to a proverbial ostrich sticking its head in the ground to ignore the obvious.

My message is to Oprah, Jay-Z/Beyonce, the Obamas, and any other privileged black actor, athlete, or politician who rake in millions but still want to bemoan the specter of “white supremacy”: You need to take advantage of your platforms to point your fellow black compatriots to their responsibilities. We need to teach our girls to respect themselves to become ladies, our young men to avoid the temptations in this world and carry themselves with dignity, and teach our boys to be fathers to their children.

Until you privileged and pampered black folks learn to do this, I’ll repeat myself…

Please go somewhere and sit down!

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

The above video was posted on YouTube by Anthony Brian Logan. I do not own the rights to the video. Check him out as his videos are good!

Black Lives…Matter?

Let me state for the record that groups like Black Lives Matter don’t deserve one, thin red dime from anyone. It is a group that was founded based on a lie (Hands up, don’t shoot!) by three women, one of which admitted that they are “trained Marxists.” From what I have seen over the past several years, BLM is one of our most prominent hate groups in America. For much of 2020, we watched as their followers looted, burned, attacked innocent bystanders, destroyed property, and committed acts of murder. The proponents of BLM made sure we wouldn’t forget the names of George Floyd, Amaud Arbery, or Breonna Say Her Name Taylor. Moreover, many folks who had favorable views of the destructive group (i.e. one Michelle Obama), deceptively declared that the protesters were peaceful; however, peaceful protesters don’t commit acts of violence that lead to $2 billion of damage. Of course, let’s ignore all of that and focus on an incident at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, an incident that occurred on one day, not much of the year, as had the BLM protests. Some people are more upset by what occurred on one day than they are about what happened during six months, but I digress.

It is this same BLM that was able to collect around $10 billion in donations in 2020. My question is this: What has happened to all that money? Where are the stories about BLM using that money to clean up neighborhoods, reduce crime, or paying scholarships for underprivileged black youth? Where are the stories of them using their ill-gotten finances to help improve the lives of those they say they care about…black lives?

Well, now, some of the people that BLM claims to represent are starting to ask the same questions. Enter on Michael Brown, Sr, father to Michael Brown, Jr, the “gentle giant” of a young man whose life was “unnecessarily” cut short by a “racist” white cop named Darren Wilson. Mike, Sr. is starting to wonder what happened to that money as well, and is demanding that BLM fork over the $20 million of the $90 million (actually $10 billion) they received in donations last year. He says they need these funds to help clean up the town of Ferguson, MO, and to be able to counter the activities of white supremacists, whoever they are. Patrisse Cullors (one of BLM’s founders) has stated that she wanted to reinvest into black communities, but where’s the money?!

I don’t believe Mike Brown, Sr. deserves one cracked penny of the funds allocated to BLM as well, because I believe most of that money will go straight into his pockets, just like it went into the pockets of the tarantulas that are the heads of the pro-black hate group. I could be wrong, but this is what I sincerely believe. Black Lives Matter is just another Ponzi scheme in which those coming in at the bottom supply the elites at the top with an endless supply of delicious dollars based on lies and manipulations, and anyone who has donated any dollars to this group was very foolish to do so. So, now, the members of Black Lives Matter are waiting for the next major incident involving a white cop and a black person so they can rev up their money flow to supply their various “needs.” Like the proverbial snakes-in-grass they are, they will continue to glean from their base by giving them false promises and hopes that their foolish funds are going to help the black communities as a whole, so let’s keep fighting…and while you’re at it, fork over the dead Presidents, because the white supremacists are the real threat to our freedom! All 20 of them!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have yet to see one story about BLM coming into certain neighborhoods to help clean them up. Baltimore would absolutely LOVE these guys!

By the way, while I’m at it, why do folks in a certain community need to depend on the government or some organization to lend some funds to help them clean up their communities anyway? Why can’t they initiate the clean-ups themselves? How much does it cost to pick up trash in their neighborhoods? How much does it cost to teach their children to respect their elders or to be sure that they grow up to become productive citizens? How much does it cost to teach girls to respect themselves by dressing to stop showing their jiggle and their shake? How much does it cost to teach boys to grow up to be real men who don’t view girls as sex objects and who won’t cut out on their children? Lastly, how much does it cost to teach children to respect authority so they won’t get in trouble with the police when they’re grown?

Black Lives Matter? Really? To those who push this mantra, I sincerely believe they don’t give a ripped pair of jeans about black lives, except for what they can contribute to their coffers. Prove me wrong.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Critical Race Theory

Does my hoodie offend you, white man?

Hey, folks, how’s it going? I hope the day finds you doing well and that you are staying safe out there. My apologies for being negligent in posting content to my blog. My wife and I have recovered from the CoCo and, let me tell you, I wouldn’t wish that mess on anyone! I think one of the side effects of the disease is pure laziness because I have been real lazy during and after my malady. Anyway, that’s enough of that; let me dive back in and set some jet fuel to this thing!

When one peruses the media (local news broadcasts, magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.), one begins to get the notion that black people are relentlessly harassed by their white counterparts on a consistent basis. Many believe that white police officers are lurking about, ready to pounce on melanated prey; others believe our present country (the US of A) is a bastion of white supremacy in which black people are held back from achieving success because the “white man” won’t allow it. To hear the Apostles of Blackness explain it, no matter how hard black descendants work for success in this beloved country of ours, we can never measure up to the white man, because he “owns” everything. Which means white folks steal from black folks to assimilate the spoils for themselves so they can benefit from it. Such a belief can be boiled down to one term: critical race theory.

In the mentality of mainstream black America, CRT explains everything. It explains why black people permeate the projects of our nation; it explains why black folks account for only 13% of the US population; it explains why black people underperform their white counterparts academically; it explains why our prison population is overrun with black bodies; it explains why so many black children are raised in homes headed up by a single mother; and it explains why black folks are largely absent from high positions such as CEO’s or sports ownership. So, whenever a black person meets an unfortunate end at the hands of a white person or a black person fails to measure up academically to a white counterpart, the Apostles of Blackness slam down their collective race cards and declare “White supremacy is in control!”

The proponents of CRT tend to believe that all black people are monoliths and that one black person’s “racist” experience is all black persons’ experience. They believe that a majority of black folks that get pulled over by the police are threatened by the cop’s hand on his sidearm or that a white person will get treated with kid gloves in comparison to their darker-skinned compatriots. However, the Apostles of Blackness fell to provide any evidence or comparisons that this is the case. They usually respond with vague statements or share knowledge of isolated or unrelated incidents and think they have won the argument. In actuality, all they have really done is to show how detached from reality they are.

People who hold to the ideals of CRT tend to be narrow-minded. They love to respond with emotions and ad hominem attacks rather than by logic and critical thinking. The world is against them, always has been, and always will be. The only way to win the war is for all of us to circle the wagons and assure everyone of our blackness, which means making idols of our skin color.

Moreover, black “Christians” are no exception, as I believe they care more about melanin, civil rights, and politics than they do the Word of God. Just pick out any church with a black majority and I can almost guarantee you with certainty that at least 90% of its members choose to vote for the party that supports abortion on demand and LGBTQ-XYZ rights which are against the character of our LORD (Democrats/liberals). The black church has determined that preaching civil rights is akin to preaching the Gospel and nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, one could push for everyone to be treated as equals and once we reach this accomplishment, what is left? We can walk in unity with members of another race but that will be for nothing if we don’t take care of our eternal security. Bringing the races together to sing “Kumbaya” is probably a good thing, but it’s a waste of time without Jesus being the central figure in accomplishing this goal.

But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.ISA 64:6

In other words, your good works are nothing if God is not the center of your purpose.

There is, though, one aspect CRT fails to focus on and that is personal responsibility. I can go on and on about some black person meeting an untimely end due to a bad decision but other black folks want to point the finger at someone else. We’ve heard of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery,,,the list goes on and on. The Apostles of Blackness (which includes well-known personalities such as LeBron James, Michelle Obama, and Colin Kaepernick, to name a few) love to jump to conclusions to pass judgment on these situations before the emergence of evidence. Yet, when the proof suggests something to the contrary, the CRT proponents continue to run with their original thoughts. It boggles my mind when I hear that there are people that still believe that Sandra Bland was murdered by white police officers for being black when evidence showed that she hanged herself in her jail cell. Folks still believe that Officer Darren Wilson was wrong for “shooting Michael Brown in the back” while he was on his knees with his hands up in the act of surrender when evidence pointed to the fact that Brown initiated the attack on the officer that led to his death. This trend of victimization produces the belief that no matter what negativity shows up in the ranks of black folks, somehow the “white man” had a major part to play in it. Let me share this You Tube clip to give a classic case of folks pointing the finger of blame at others instead of at themselves.

As long as black people continue to hold on to this trend of victimization and critical race theory, they will never be able to progress to something better. Every encounter with the police will always be viewed as an act of racism and every failure that black folks encounter will be chalked up to “systemic racism.”

We like to say that black folks don’t have access to the same resources as white folks and that is why our vanilla-skinned compatriots are so far ahead of us; to that I say…well, I no longer use that kind of language. I can say that we live in the freakin’ United States of America where a vast store of resources are available for everyone’s exploitation, be we black, white, red, brown, yellow, or olive. The problem is many black people refuse to take advantage of these opportunities.

You all have a great day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Michelle, please go away.

Doesn’t she remind you of Anita Hill when she testified against Clarence Thomas?

Man, why won’t Michelle Obama just go away? Somehow, she has remained in the public spotlight after she and her husband, Barack, left the White House. During their tenure in the Presidency, the Obamas would consistently spout off with racially-tinged rhetoric such as “the police acted stupidly,” “if I had a son, he’d look just like Travon,” “there are those who will think you are the help,” among others. Between the two of them, though, I think Michelle may have been the more vocal with the racial rants. She would mention how someone once mistook her husband for a valet because he was wearing a tuxedo and would complain that someone asked her to help get something from the top shelf in a Target, viewing these incidents as proof that racism is just as alive and well as it was in the ’50s and ’60s. At her myriad graduation speeches, she would never pass up the chance to mention some racial grievance that black folks continue to endure today. Black folks continue to fawn over the image of Goddess Michelle as they believe she’s the spokesperson that has brought racial prejudice to the forefront of American society.

I have several problems with this

First, Michelle doesn’t speak for all of us. Many of the racial grievances she speaks of haven’t been experienced by all black folks. Michelle and others who think like her assume that one black person’s experience is all black people’s experiences. As of this writing, I am 52 years-old and have yet to experience these incidents that the pro-black establishment says happens to black folks on a daily basis. Given, I don’t doubt that blacks have experienced hardships during the Jim Crow era and I have seen the footage of separate water fountains, dogs being let loose on protesters, and water hoses being sprayed on black citizens. This was a horrible time in this nation and it should never happen again. However, to hear the Goddess explain it, times haven’t changed from that dark period in our nation’s history. According to her, black folks are still at a disadvantage to our white counterparts and lack the same access to resources as white folks. I find this scenario to be quite baffling.

When I started school in the mid-70s, I was in the first grade reading on a third-grade reading level! In the county where I grew up (Prince George’s County in southern Maryland), I was ranked in the top ten readers. And here’s the kicker: Most of my teachers were white!

Michelle does a disservice to the very people she purports to help by saying black folks can’t get ahead in this life unless they get help from some outside entity, i.e. the government. Michelle’s rhetoric paints blacks as being helpless creatures who need special treatment to get ahead in this “racist” country. I, for one, grow increasingly irritated at these sorts of rants because I don’t need any kind of special treatment from anyone in order for me to get ahead. People like Michelle would have you believe that the mere fact that one is black puts them at a disadvantage to the more “privileged” white folks. I don’t see my skin color as a liability…or an asset.

For those of you who still think black people are at a disadvantage to white people, tell me if you still believe that after checking this out.

Anyway, leaving the White House hasn’t made Mommy Michelle any less vocal as she continues to spout off with her activist rhetoric. In this article, Michelle the Bell says that Trump put her and her family in danger because of his racist lies against her husband. Question: What in the Sam Hill is she talking about? Anyone who has sat in the Big White Home is assigned Secret Service for life. Notice she doesn’t specify what kind of danger she and her family were in because she knows she can say anything and her adoring fans will simply take her words at face value.

Here’s another one from the Most High Michelle in which she rants that white people continue to run away from colored folks when they move into their neighborhoods. I wonder how many folks ran away from the Obamas when they purchased that million-dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard, which happens to be 95% white. She doesn’t seem to be in danger living among her vanilla-skinned neighbors.

Oh, and here’s a doozy in which Her Highness comes to the assumption that white folks pretend she doesn’t exist. Oh, will you come off it, Michelle! You really think you are so special that folks have to acknowledge you every time you make an appearance? It would seem the Great One is a little delusional in her thinking. Consider this: Can you count how many times you’ve seen Mrs. Obama gracing the pages of a mainstream magazine? Since her husband won the seat to the White House, how many times have you seen Melania Trump gracing the front cover of a national magazine? I thought so.

My advice is that Michelle and her race-baiting compatriots need to find a nice, comfortable place to sit down in order to allow proper blood flow to their brains.

The issue of racism will never die as long as the race hustlers continue to stir the fires every time they die down. It is folks like this that continue to perpetuate the myth of racial injustice for their own benefit and until their voices are silenced, we will probably suffer with their misguided reasonings for a very long time.

As a bonus, I’ll leave you with one of Michelle Obama’s race-baiting graduation speeches.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

“Suck it up!” You first, Whoopi.

You know, the liberals are so full of crap, we need to hire a surplus of garbage workers to haul their mess away. They are the ones who consider themselves to be loving, compassionate, and tolerant while projecting hate and intolerance onto their political opposites; one of the worst offenders and best examples of this is Whoopi Goldberg who happens to host the show The View along with a group of Trump-hating harpies. For four years, we’ve heard these cackling hens moan, cry, and whine about the latest antics of our 45th President, Donald Trump. I have never heard Whoopi say anything good about Trump and she fosters so much hate for him, she can only refer to him as “you-know-who.” The hate she and her cohosts harbor against him is obvious, open, and on display for all to watch, as well as their hypocrisy.

So, the virtual-signaling Goldberg gets into the faces of millions of Americans through the TV screen and tells those who voted for Trump to “suck it up like we sucked it up!”

Early in her career, Ms. Goldberg was a stand-up comedienne – I didn’t know she was still doing comedy routines today.

Anyway, did the Trump-haters “suck it up” after Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election? I can remember the clips of people engaging in violent riots and pitching epic baby-tantrum fits when Trump won the Presidency. The calls for The Donald to be impeached began almost as soon as he won the election, before he was even inaugurated. I remember the clips of folks vandalizing businesses the day he took to the White House and how can we forget the non-talented, thinks-she-can-sing Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the Executive Mansion. I remember the footage of protesters throwing liquid onto people as they arrived to attend the Inaugural Ball. Yet, Whoopi tells Trump supporters to “suck it up!”

I can remember Van Jones complaining about “whitewashing” and Cenk Uyger (of The Young Turks) wincing with disgust after learning Donald Trump was now his President. Or, how about Rachel Maddow telling Hillary supporters they weren’t dreaming, or the girl threatening to kill herself, or the classic woman screaming after learning of her fate? Yet, Whoopi tells Trump supporters to “suck it up!”

How about the time when the aforementioned Goldberg and her partner-in-crime host, Joy Behar, stormed off the set when they had a disagreement with Bill O’Reilly or the colorful language she used when she had that tiff with Judge Jeanine Pirro? Yet, she says Trump supporters need to “suck it up!”

Personally, I think Whoopi and her cohorts have one too many fruit bats flapping in their collective belfries.

When Obama won two terms, did we see conservatives take to the streets to vandalize property, attack random citizens, and destroy businesses? Did they cry like spoiled babies after learning the person they didn’t vote for was now their President? Even now, have we witnessed conservatives engaging in violent protests because Joe Biden is the projected winner? Nope, to every question!

So, Whoopi, the next time you or any of your liberal-minded shills get that “mightier-than-thou” smug attitude and tell folks to “suck it up”, I’ll respond with “You first!”

You all have a nice day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Historical Slavery

Hey, folks! My apologies as it has been a couple of months since I posted anything. I haven’t given up on this site and I am pressing on! Having said that, let me pick up where I left off: Exposing hypocrisy in the black race. Here’s an interesting article I came across from a website called The Stream.

I hope you get something out of this: https://stream.org/what-american-schools-should-teach-about-race-racism-and-slavery/

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

“Had she been black…”

Alecia Kitts gets carted away after being tased and arrested for not wearing a mask.

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me state for the record that I believe the restrictions we’ve experienced this year due to COVID-19 have been way over the top. While I believe the presence of the virus is a serious situation, I don’t think it merits the level of panic we’ve seen over the past several months. If you’d like my opinion, I think the government should just open everything up so folks can get back to their lives as usual: schools, restaurants, theaters, workplaces, etc. Let the germophobes continue to wear the masks if they like, but let the rest of us live our lives the way we see fit. The virus has a less than 1% death rate and only 6% of those said to have died from the nasty little rascal were found to have died of the CoCo without complications. As of this posting, I have grown weary of the restrictions and regulations due to the bug and I’m looking for things to return to normal, although that “normal” will be altered somewhat.

However, on the other hand, I believe in playing by the rules; in other words, I like to obey the law as long as it doesn’t affect me morally, whether I like it or not. The other day, I had to get a flu shot as per requirement of my workplace. At any other time, I would have foregone the daily jab because I’m not confident of its effectiveness, but I still received the shot willingly because I’m not one to break the rules for my personal point of view. Having said that, I hate wearing the mask as I believe it to not only be unnecessary, but also uncomfortable and restrictive. Nevertheless, I choose to obey the rules when it comes to this situation as it doesn’t affect me morally.

Now, to the meat of this post.

Not long ago, a video was posted of a woman at an eighth-grade football game being detained and tased for not wearing a mask in public. The video shows her tangling with an officer after he told her to vacate the premises because of her refusal to wear a mask. Some time later, she ends up getting stung by a taser before being forcibly removed (rather embarrassingly) from the scene.

My take on all this is that there is plenty of blame to go around. First, the lady should have complied instead of refusing to follow the rules and making a big scene. When asked to leave, she should have done so in a respectful manner instead of tangling with the cop who looked to be three times her size. Second, the taser…really!? I know homegirl put up a good fight but was tasing her really necessary? For not wearing a mask?

Of course, in our racially charged atmosphere, I found myself asking the question of how folks would have responded to this situation had the lady been black and the officer (who was black) had been white. My guess is we wouldn’t have heard the end of it as this incident would have made the rounds on every media site available and we would have heard of how black folks are always “victimized” at the hands of white officers.

However, there are always folks who want to inject race into the situation and several individuals have already given their take on the incident by stating that if the lady had been black, she would have been killed, because white folks are treated differently than black folks in these situations. Let me ask this:

Can anyone give me a recent example of a black person getting killed in a similar situation?

It’s easy to make an assumption that the issue would have been settled differently had the lady been black, but I can’t think of one time within the past thirty or so years where a black person has been killed in the same kind of situation.

Moreover, we black folks are a peculiar sort because we would have been crying about injustice no matter the outcome of the incident.

If we are killed, it’s racism.

If the officer had to wrestle us to the ground in order to have us handcuffed, it’s racism.

If we were to get tased, yep, racism.

If we were simply told to follow the rules, racism once again.

To my fellow black folks, I’d like to say “Stop it!” You would not be treated and are not treated any different than anyone else when it comes to similar incidents, so get off your victimization soapbox.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

My Take on the Breonna Taylor Incident

On Friday, March, 13, 2020, in Louisville, KY, an incident occurred that helped to fan the flames of a growing racial conflagration that arose from the smoldering embers of past racial conflicts that would add to the turmoil that is 2020. Breonna Taylor, a former EMT worker, was supposedly gunned down while she peacefully slept in her apartment by three white officers who just burst through her door and indiscriminately proceeded to sprinkle the dwelling with pepper. Breonna was hit several times (some accounts say she was hit either five, six, or eight times) and would die within minutes, supposedly while the police victoriously stood over her body and denying her any medical help.

Fast-forward to September 25, 2020 and the three officers “responsible” for Breonna’s tragic demise were acquitted after months of social unrest, rioting, and folks exclaiming “Say her name!” One officer was charged with discharging his weapon into an occupied dwelling, albeit it wasn’t connected to Breonna’s death. Of course, the followers of the Apostles of Blackness were having none of it. Three white officers had murdered one of their own and they should have hung for it!

Breonna’s incident would become another charcoal briquette that would be added to the pile getting ready to be lit to start the fires of marching against “racial injustice.” In other words, it was time to riot, loot, set businesses on fire, all while attacking random people on the street who had nothing whatsoever to do with the social injustice they were whining about. Of course, the whole racial barbecue was set off by the death of George Floyd, but I digress.

Anyway, before I delve any further, I want to make one thing clear: I am sick and tired of this same dog and pony show! Another “innocent” black person gets killed by the police and those of us with high concentrations of melanin lose our ever-loving freaking minds! We never sit back to wait for the evidence of the situation to make itself known, but, instead, we jump to conclusions based on the assumption that “this would never happen to white folks!”

I myself have grown weary of the “No justice, no peace!” mantra, because for the most part, the folks chanting it have no idea what they’re talking about. A lot of protestors respond with their feelings in lieu of simple common sense and many take advantage of the “protests” to engage in all sorts of devilment that have absolutely nothing to do with the object of the protests. What’s worse are folks who should know better who choose to ignore the chaos to make stupid statements like “You all care more about personal property than you do about a black person’s life!” In other words, they’re saying “It’s okay for us to commit acts of crime and terrorism since we’re doing it in protest of a life that’s been taken!” Moreover, many of these people identify as Christians which leads me to ask the question “Do you think God approves of the rioting, looting, and wanton destruction of businesses and homes?”

One final note before I redirect from my detour into a random tangent, I have no sympathy for so-called peaceful protesters, because I feel they are part of the problem. I rarely see these protesters excoriating their violent colleagues or telling them to dial their passions down a bit. Instead, they make excuses for them or blame the violence on infiltrators who aim to cheapen their protests.

Okay, rant over.

Check out this report and tell me if Breonna Taylor was as pristine as many would have you to believe.

FACT: Sister-girl wasn’t an EMT worker at the time of her demise. She was forced to resign (or fired) from her job as such four years ago (2016) when she was discovered driving a rental car which also contained the body of a homicide victim.

FACT: The black “queen” was seen on several occasions travelling to and from a trap house that was under surveillance.

FACT: This strong, black woman wasn’t asleep in bed when her life was ended tragically.

FACT: Her then-boyfriend admitted to firing the first shot and hitting a cop in the leg.

FACT: Girlfriend’s name was on the warrant the police were serving.

By the way, how does the boyfriend fire first, yet remains unscathed while his girlfriend gets hit several times? Moreover, her getting shot is proof she wasn’t asleep.

So, here we go again, more rioting, looting, and destruction in protest of the death of a person who wasn’t as innocent as one would have you believe. This will continue as long the black community continues to absolve itself from personal responsibility.

On a final note, there is a lesson to be learned here and that lesson is to beware of the company you keep. Breonna Taylor would probably be alive today were it not for the choices and I really do not want to cheapen the tragic circumstance of her death. Losing her life at such a young age (26) is tragic beyond measure because no mother should have to bury a child. However, her life was sadly cut short because of the choices she made that led to her death. I will never understand these young ladies who always fall for these hood-thug types instead of those who would truly care and respect them. As the old saying goes, “Beware of the company you keep.”

Be not deceived: Evil communications corrupt good manners. I Corinthians 15:33

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Why “Black By Color Only?”

From time to time, someone asks me why do I go with the name Black By Color Only and these folks are usually offended by my choice of name. I have been told that title denotes my confusion and many of the people who think this have the idea that my skin color is more than just that. To them, I shouldn’t see my blackness as just the amount of melanin in my skin, but I should also see it as an ideal and that I should cherish, take pride in, and also idolize. To hear the Apostles of Blackness tell it, my skin color means that I am levels above other races on this planet and that I should be worshiped as royalty. There is a word for this type of thinking and that word is racism.

Before I go any further, I would like to state that I am a four-level, freethinking human being. These levels begin at the most important to the least important, from 1 to 4.

First and foremost, I am a CHRISTIAN and this defines why I think the way I do. Ever since October 21, 1986 when I first made the decision to make Jesus Lord of my life, I’ve embarked on this journey. The sojourn hasn’t been easy and I will never boast about being perfect or think I am better than anyone. However, being a Christian is the most important aspect of my life and God’s Word (the Bible) is my guideline for daily living.

Second, I am an individual; even though I may share your skin color, nationality, or culture, I am a unique person who carries a unique personality, likes, dislikes, dreams, and aspirations. I have different ways of thinking and different opinions and my views of my environment are different than anyone else’s. My race or color doesn’t supersede any of that.

Third, I am an American. I was born in the city of Roanoke in the state of Virginia on October 16, 1968. My father was also born in Roanoke and my mother was born in Bristol, Tennessee. My ancestors may have been African, but I wasn’t born in Africa. Every now and then, I have heard certain members of the Apostles of Blackness express that if you’re black in America, you need to find out your real name, because your present name was passed down from your former slave-masters. Whenever I hear someone say this, I affirm myself by stating that my name is Vincent Edward Brown and I was born to a father named Donald Lee Brown and a mother named Barbara Faye Brown (later changed to Johnson). I love my name and no self-righteous race-baiter can convince me otherwise.

Lastly, I am a black man, only because of my skin color and not from pride in my race.

That brings me to the point of this post in which I explain why I’ve named this site (among others) Black By Color Only and, hopefully after reading this, there will be no question in your mind about why I chose this name.

This story begins in 1995 and as a matter of fact, on October 16 of that year which happened to be my 27th birthday. On that day, thousands of black people took pride in an event that occurred at the Mall in Washington, DC and that event was the so-called Million Man March.

The MMM was an event that was aimed at bringing the black race together in “unity” so they could progress to better things, whatever those were. It was an event attended by black folks from all walks of life, including so-called “Christians.” The event was headed up by none other than the “Honorable” Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the hate group known as the Nation of Islam and a man who made no secret about how he felt about Jews and Christians, which is why I don’t understand why a person who would call himself a Christian would make it a priority to attend this spectacle to glean some “deep” teaching.

While I’m on this, let me state that there have been churches that have invited LF to speak to their congregations. My question is this: If you call yourself a Christian, why would you invite a man who describes your beliefs as “the white man’s religion” to speak at your church? Just a thought.

Anyway, in the wake of this event, black folks everywhere were praising the event in that it restored pride to the black race and that praise was a little over the top for yours truly and others who didn’t buy into the “power” of black unity. So, I went into action to state my viewpoint about the event.

For the record, let me state that it has been no walk in the park in being a free-thinking American black man. In America, if you are black, you are required to march in lock-step with your fellow black contemporaries. In the viewpoint of the Apostles of Blackness, one black man’s experience is representative of all our experiences and we, therefore, must be of the same mind. If the truth doesn’t line up with the mindset of the Black Apostles, then you must ditch the truth and follow the mindset. If you happen to be black and you oppose the thinking of your high-level, elitist black brothers and sisters, you’re seen as delusional and wanting to disrupt the unity of the collective and diluting the ideal of black power. Where I get into trouble is when I see past the color of my skin to grasp a hold of the truth as I am not blinded by melanin because the truth shines so much brighter.

Anyway, I decided to add a disruptive voice (a monkey wrench in the gears, if you may) into the cacophonous void of approving rhetoric by my fellow black contemporaries – I went to the local paper here in Durham, NC. Below is the first op-ed I submitted to the paper which is also the first op-ed I ever submitted.

My first op-ed

As you can see, I’m expressing my thoughts about the event and what I know about Farrakhan in as straightforward a manner as I can as I had been following the LORD for nine years at this time. However, I put the blood in the water and the piranhas came to feed. Here’s the first two responses to my op-ed:

Responses to my first op-ed. They “know” me before even meeting me. Oh, well!

These are the first responses I received, and as you may have gathered, these rascals have launched into the usual tirade of assumptive rhetoric that has been reserved especially for recalcitrant black folks such as myself. I especially like the part that says it’s been a while since I’ve lived in a black community as I was living in one such community at the time and have continued to live in one ever since. However, it was this post that gave me the inspiration to come up with the name Black By Color Only. After reading “knowing that a member (obviously by color only) of the black race…“, a light bulb went off in my head. After snipping some of the words from the phrase and rearranging the rest, I came up with Black…By…Color…Only (hey, maybe I should sign up as a contestant for the Soul Train Scramble Board!). Although I didn’t have the means to put that phrase to work at that time, it remained in the back of my mind for years and I figured it would be a great name for a blog (!), a newsletter, or a radio program.

2009 rolls around and I discovered some site that a few us have heard of, something called, I don’t know, You Tube? The discovery of You Tube opened up a new world for me and I got an account to start a channel. the name of that channel? Black By Color Only. Later that year, I discovered another site called Blog Talk Radio and named that channel Black By Color Only as well (now it’s Truthsharks Radio). Moreover, there’s this blog, also named, well, you know.

So, there you have it, I probably have the Apostles of Blackness to thank for inadvertently coming up with the name of an entity that will aim to expose their agenda. Of course, I’m looking for doors to open to expand my horizons and increase my avenues of influence.

Enough of that, though. Throughout my time under the BBCO moniker, I’ve come across the occasional scoffer who, as I’ve stated before, said I sound like I’m confused by coming up with that name. Well, I know why I use that title and they don’t, so they can say what they want about whatever, they don’t have free access to my intellect.

Finally, to round out this post, I want to share with you my final response.

Have at it and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Some Questions

As of this writing, we are going through a time of turmoil in which roves of predatory hooligans roam the streets of some of our largest cities in the name of social injustice, whatever that means. In light of all this, there are some questions that need to be asked. The questions that will be asked on this post are relatively rhetorical and are meant to get you to think, especially if you are a member of the Apostles of Blackness and believe that black folks are systemically targeted for oppression.

1. Why is it we need to have discussions about race only after an incident in which a black person meets an unfortunate end at the hands of a white person (usually a police officer)?

2. Why do we feel that black folks are experts in anything racist? I mean, just choose any black person and chances are that person “understands” the strife, suffering, and persecution that is ingrained in racism.

3. How is is that white folks can be racist but black folks (as well as other non-white groups) can’t?

4. Why do we continue to hold America accountable for its past sins but refuse to hold other nations for transgressions they continue to commit at the present?

5. Why do black folks get upset at “cultural appropriation” from white folks but are silent when this appropriation comes from their own ranks?

Make sure to use an open mind when you read through each question and leave your feelings out of it. Be honest with yourself and you may find yourself answering the questions correctly…and uncomfortably.

I’ll see you on the rebound.