My Take on the Breonna Taylor Incident

On Friday, March, 13, 2020, in Louisville, KY, an incident occurred that helped to fan the flames of a growing racial conflagration that arose from the smoldering embers of past racial conflicts that would add to the turmoil that is 2020. Breonna Taylor, a former EMT worker, was supposedly gunned down while she peacefully slept in her apartment by three white officers who just burst through her door and indiscriminately proceeded to sprinkle the dwelling with pepper. Breonna was hit several times (some accounts say she was hit either five, six, or eight times) and would die within minutes, supposedly while the police victoriously stood over her body and denying her any medical help.

Fast-forward to September 25, 2020 and the three officers “responsible” for Breonna’s tragic demise were acquitted after months of social unrest, rioting, and folks exclaiming “Say her name!” One officer was charged with discharging his weapon into an occupied dwelling, albeit it wasn’t connected to Breonna’s death. Of course, the followers of the Apostles of Blackness were having none of it. Three white officers had murdered one of their own and they should have hung for it!

Breonna’s incident would become another charcoal briquette that would be added to the pile getting ready to be lit to start the fires of marching against “racial injustice.” In other words, it was time to riot, loot, set businesses on fire, all while attacking random people on the street who had nothing whatsoever to do with the social injustice they were whining about. Of course, the whole racial barbecue was set off by the death of George Floyd, but I digress.

Anyway, before I delve any further, I want to make one thing clear: I am sick and tired of this same dog and pony show! Another “innocent” black person gets killed by the police and those of us with high concentrations of melanin lose our ever-loving freaking minds! We never sit back to wait for the evidence of the situation to make itself known, but, instead, we jump to conclusions based on the assumption that “this would never happen to white folks!”

I myself have grown weary of the “No justice, no peace!” mantra, because for the most part, the folks chanting it have no idea what they’re talking about. A lot of protestors respond with their feelings in lieu of simple common sense and many take advantage of the “protests” to engage in all sorts of devilment that have absolutely nothing to do with the object of the protests. What’s worse are folks who should know better who choose to ignore the chaos to make stupid statements like “You all care more about personal property than you do about a black person’s life!” In other words, they’re saying “It’s okay for us to commit acts of crime and terrorism since we’re doing it in protest of a life that’s been taken!” Moreover, many of these people identify as Christians which leads me to ask the question “Do you think God approves of the rioting, looting, and wanton destruction of businesses and homes?”

One final note before I redirect from my detour into a random tangent, I have no sympathy for so-called peaceful protesters, because I feel they are part of the problem. I rarely see these protesters excoriating their violent colleagues or telling them to dial their passions down a bit. Instead, they make excuses for them or blame the violence on infiltrators who aim to cheapen their protests.

Okay, rant over.

Check out this report and tell me if Breonna Taylor was as pristine as many would have you to believe.

FACT: Sister-girl wasn’t an EMT worker at the time of her demise. She was forced to resign (or fired) from her job as such four years ago (2016) when she was discovered driving a rental car which also contained the body of a homicide victim.

FACT: The black “queen” was seen on several occasions travelling to and from a trap house that was under surveillance.

FACT: This strong, black woman wasn’t asleep in bed when her life was ended tragically.

FACT: Her then-boyfriend admitted to firing the first shot and hitting a cop in the leg.

FACT: Girlfriend’s name was on the warrant the police were serving.

By the way, how does the boyfriend fire first, yet remains unscathed while his girlfriend gets hit several times? Moreover, her getting shot is proof she wasn’t asleep.

So, here we go again, more rioting, looting, and destruction in protest of the death of a person who wasn’t as innocent as one would have you believe. This will continue as long the black community continues to absolve itself from personal responsibility.

On a final note, there is a lesson to be learned here and that lesson is to beware of the company you keep. Breonna Taylor would probably be alive today were it not for the choices and I really do not want to cheapen the tragic circumstance of her death. Losing her life at such a young age (26) is tragic beyond measure because no mother should have to bury a child. However, her life was sadly cut short because of the choices she made that led to her death. I will never understand these young ladies who always fall for these hood-thug types instead of those who would truly care and respect them. As the old saying goes, “Beware of the company you keep.”

Be not deceived: Evil communications corrupt good manners. I Corinthians 15:33

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Why “Black By Color Only?”

From time to time, someone asks me why do I go with the name Black By Color Only and these folks are usually offended by my choice of name. I have been told that title denotes my confusion and many of the people who think this have the idea that my skin color is more than just that. To them, I shouldn’t see my blackness as just the amount of melanin in my skin, but I should also see it as an ideal and that I should, cherish, take pride in it, and also idolize it. To hear the Apostles of Blackness tell it, my skin color means that I am levels above other races on this planet and that I should be worshiped as royalty. There is a word for this type of thinking and that word is racism.

Before I go any further, I would like to state that I am a four-level, freethinking human being. These levels begin at the most important to the least important, from 1 to 4.

First and foremost, I am a CHRISTIAN and this defines why I think the way I do. Ever since October 21, 1986 when I first made the decision to make Jesus Lord of my life, I’ve embarked on this journey. The sojourn hasn’t been easy and I will never boast about being perfect or think I am better than anyone. However, being a Christian is the most important aspect of my life and God’s Word (the Bible) is my guideline for daily living.

Second, I am an individual; even though I may share your skin color, nationality, or culture, I am a unique person who carries a unique personality, likes, dislikes, dreams, and aspirations. I have different ways of thinking and different opinions and my views of my environment are different than anyone else’s. My race or color doesn’t supersede any of that.

Third, I am an American. I was born in the city of Roanoke in the state of Virginia on October 16, 1968. My father was also born in Roanoke and my mother was born in Bristol, Tennessee. My ancestors may have been African, but I wasn’t born in Africa. Every now and then, I have heard certain members of the Apostles of Blackness express that if you’re black in America, you need to find out your real name, because your present name was passed down from your former slave-masters. Whenever I hear someone say this, I affirm myself by stating that my name is Vincent Edward Brown and I was born to a father named Donald Lee Brown and a mother named Barbara Faye Brown (later changed to Johnson). I love my name and no self-righteous race-baiter can convince me otherwise.

Lastly, I am a black man, only because of my skin color and not from pride in my race.

That brings me to the point of this post in which I explain why I’ve named this site (among others) Black By Color Only and, hopefully after reading this, there will be no question in your mind about why I chose this name.

This story begins in 1995 and as a matter of fact, on October 16 of that year which happened to be my 27th birthday. On that day, thousands of black people took pride in an event that occurred at the Mall in Washington, DC and that event was the so-called Million Man March.

The MMM was an event that was aimed at bringing the black race together in “unity” so they could progress to better things, whatever those were. It was an event attended by black folks from all walks of life, including so-called “Christians.” The event was headed up by none other than the “Honorable” Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the hate group known as the Nation of Islam and a man who made no secret about how he felt about Jews and Christians, which is why I don’t understand why a person who would call himself a Christian would make it a priority to attend this spectacle to glean some “deep” teaching.

While I’m on this, let me state that there have been churches that have invited LF to speak to their congregations. My question is this: If you call yourself a Christian, why would you invite a man who describes your beliefs as “the white man’s religion” to speak at your church? Just a thought.

Anyway, in the wake of this event, black folks everywhere were praising the event in that it restored pride to the black race and that praise was a little over the top for yours truly and others who didn’t buy into the “power” of black unity. So, I went into action to state my viewpoint about the event.

For the record, let me state that it has been no walk in the park in being a free-thinking American black man. In America, if you are black, you are required to march in lock-step with your fellow black contemporaries. In the viewpoint of the Apostles of Blackness, one black man’s experience is representative of all our experiences and we, therefore, must be of the same mind. If the truth doesn’t line up with the mindset of the Black Apostles, then you must ditch the truth and follow the mindset. If you happen to be black and you oppose the thinking of your high-level, elitist black brothers and sisters, you’re seen as delusional and wanting to disrupt the unity of the collective and diluting the ideal of black power. Where I get into trouble is when I see past the color of my skin to grasp a hold of the truth as I am not blinded by melanin because the truth shines so much brighter.

Anyway, I decided to add a disruptive voice (a monkey wrench in the gears, if you may) into the cacophonous void of approving rhetoric by my fellow black contemporaries – I went to the local paper here in Durham, NC. Below is the first op-ed I submitted to the paper which is also the first op-ed I ever submitted.

My first op-ed

As you can see, I’m expressing my thoughts about the event and what I know about Farrakhan in as straightforward a manner as I can as I had been following the LORD for nine years at this time. However, I put the blood in the water and the piranhas came to feed. Here’s the first two responses to my op-ed:

Responses to my first op-ed. They “know” me before even meeting me. Oh, well!

These are the first responses I received, and as you may have gathered, these rascals have launched into the usual tirade of assumptive rhetoric that has been reserved especially for recalcitrant black folks such as myself. I especially like the part that says it’s been a while since I’ve lived in a black community as I was living in one such community at the time and have continued to live in one ever since. However, it was this post that gave me the inspiration to come up with the name Black By Color Only. After reading “knowing that a member (obviously by color only) of the black race…“, a light bulb went off in my head. After snipping some of the words from the phrase and rearranging the rest, I came up with Black…By…Color…Only (hey, maybe I should sign up as a contestant for the Soul Train Scramble Board!). Although I didn’t have the means to put that phrase to work at that time, it remained in the back of my mind for years and I figured it would be a great name for a blog (!), a newsletter, or a radio program.

2009 rolls around and I discovered some site that a few us have heard of, something called, I don’t know, You Tube? The discovery of You Tube opened up a new world for me and I got an account to start a channel. the name of that channel? Black By Color Only. Later that year, I discovered another site called Blog Talk Radio and named that channel Black By Color Only as well (now it’s Truthsharks Radio). Moreover, there’s this blog, also named, well, you know.

So, there you have it, I probably have the Apostles of Blackness to thank for inadvertently coming up with the name of an entity that will aim to expose their agenda. Of course, I’m looking for doors to open to expand my horizons and increase my avenues of influence.

Enough of that, though. Throughout my time under the BBCO moniker, I’ve come across the occasional scoffer who, as I’ve stated before, said I sound like I’m confused by coming up with that name. Well, I know why I use that title and they don’t, so they can say what they want about whatever, they don’t have free access to my intellect.

Finally, to round out this post, I want to share with you my final response.

Have at it and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Some Questions

As of this writing, we are going through a time of turmoil in which roves of predatory hooligans roam the streets of some of our largest cities in the name of social injustice, whatever that means. In light of all this, there are some questions that need to be asked. The questions that will be asked on this post are relatively rhetorical and are meant to get you to think, especially if you are a member of the Apostles of Blackness and believe that black folks are systemically targeted for oppression.

1. Why is it we need to have discussions about race only after an incident in which a black person meets an unfortunate end at the hands of a white person (usually a police officer)?

2. Why do we feel that black folks are experts in anything racist? I mean, just choose any black person and chances are that person “understands” the strife, suffering, and persecution that is ingrained in racism.

3. How is is that white folks can be racist but black folks (as well as other non-white groups) can’t?

4. Why do we continue to hold America accountable for its past sins but refuse to hold other nations for transgressions they continue to commit at the present?

5. Why do black folks get upset at “cultural appropriation” from white folks but are silent when this appropriation comes from their own ranks?

Make sure to use an open mind when you read through each question and leave your feelings out of it. Be honest with yourself and you may find yourself answering the questions correctly…and uncomfortably.

I’ll see you on the rebound.

Don’t be fooled, folks!

Earlier this week (August 11, 2020), the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, announced that present California State Senator and former California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, would be his running mate. I wasn’t at all surprised at his choice as he had hinted at picking a black woman as his running mate almost as soon as he was picked as the candidate for his party. The liberal Dems seem overjoyed at Kamala being the pick to run for ol’ Joe because they have deemed themselves the champions of blacks and women’s rights, so Biden, in their eyes, couldn’t have chosen a better candidate.

Before I go any further, let me state that I am not a race man, as I believe we are all created in the image of Almighty God, albeit we are not all His children (John 1:12). I find the modern discussions on race as a means to explain what is going on in this crazy world of ours both old and tedious. I have grown weary of folks yelling “Racist!” at every white person who “victimizes” a black person in some tragic circumstance but have no criticism if the situation were flipped. Don’t get me wrong, there are racists in this beloved country of ours, but I believe they are relatively rare and I believe racism isn’t a major problem in the US. As I have stated beforehand, I won’t say I don’t see color, but your skin color is as far as I’ll go. I often find myself talking about race basically because everyone else does. I look forward to the day when we will stop looking at the world through the lens of race and judge each other “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Anyway, let me be straightforward – Kamala Harris is not black, as her mother is a full-blooded, red-dot Indian and her father is of white and black descent. I know folks want to throw around the “one-drop rule”, but I think that’s a man-made concept, not an actual one; if that’s the case, a lot of folks who think they’re white are actually black. Also, for someone of mixed race, the race rule could go either way. Some folks don’t know what to think of people who have a white parent and a black one; are they black or are they white? Try this one: They’re human!

Anyway, Joe Biden knew what he was doing in his choice of Harris. Having been the runner-up to one Barack Obama has helped Joe prepare for this moment, Obama being the product of a white parent and a black one. Mr. Obama wasn’t one to shy away from his black side and he would play it up to his advantage. Not only was he the liberal Democrats’ darling, the mere fact he had a little more melanin in his skin than the average President meant his supporters would be willing to defend him from any criticism, be it about his ears to his policies. Anyone who was “stupid” enough to speak negative of Saint Obama was labeled as racist.

Kamala Harris represents the best of two worlds and JB knows it, because with Harris he gets Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in one package. If the din of criticism gets too loud, Harris’ supporters can chalk it up to her critics being either racist or misogynist.

So, folks, don’t be fooled because the choice of Kamala Harris as Vice President is, in my opinion, a planned strategy. I seriously believe that Joe Biden’s supporters aren’t too confident about his chances of winning in November, but his pick of Harris is sure to bring in the black and women votes in an effort to (try to) knock off the “racist/misogynistic” Donald Trump. Also, if Joe pitches forward (my slang for “passes away”) anytime soon, the Dems can brag that they have the first “black” woman to sit as President in the White House.

Many folks refer to black conservatives as “tools” and “tokens,” but I think the only tool and token is a supposed black woman running as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you on the rebound.

Good-bye, NFL – I’m Done!

This could make a great epitaph: Here lies the Washington Redskins, killed in 2020 by political correctness.

As of July 13, 2020, the NFL has lost one of its fans, that fan being me. For so long, I have held out, but recent events have proven too much for me. I’ve been an avid football fan since the 1980s, albeit I was a Dolphins’ fan for a little longer. To me, the eighties were the peak of the NFL’s success; I was hooked in and I was especially delighted when the Dolphins made it to Super Bowl XVII to face off against the Washington Redskins, a team water bound mammals had vanquished on the same stage a decade earlier. Being a resident of the Washington, DC/Metro Area, it wasn’t hard to look up to see signs of loyalty from the area’s residents for their beloved team. Back then, there was no thought about the Redskins’ name or logo as you could see bumper stickers, flags, or any other paraphernalia displaying the area’s choice for Super Bowl champions. I was somewhat the odd man out because in DC, you were either a Redskins’ or Cowboys’ fan and I was a fan of neither. However, my love for the NFL was on the rise at the time and the eighties, in my humble opinion, was it’s greatest era.

As all of my fellow NFL fans already know, the end of Super Bowl XVII saw the Miami Dolphins being treated for the injuries inflicted on them by John Riggins’ cleats as the Dolphins lost 27-17. It was the most painful Super Bowl I had to sit through, but the D-men lost fair and square. Two seasons later, I would relive that pain as my beloved, Marino-led aquatic mammals from South Beach got trounced in Super Bowl XIX by the San Francisco 49ers, 38-16.

Throughout the rest of the eighties and all through the nineties, I would cling to the hope that my beloved Dolphins would eventually make it back to the Super Bowl, but lacking a good ground game and defense, that would be a tall order and after a 62-7 drubbing by some ferocious felines from the Jacksonville, FL area (and Dan Marino’s subsequent retirement), the tropic- dwelling cetaceans have found it rather difficult to relive their glory days. Although my favorite team has sucked lemons (hey, they do reside in the Land of Citrus), I remained a staunch NFL fan. Generally, the games are some of the most exciting in all of sports and watching opposing teams going at it against one another has been one of the biggest thrills of my life. Although my favorite team wouldn’t make it to the Big Dance, I would still look forward to the beginning of each season and make my guess as to who would play in the biggest and final game of the season. Among other things, the NFL was one of my biggest escapes from the daily turmoil that saturates this beloved world of ours.

I first noticed the signs sometime in the nineties, although I don’t know exactly when. Certain powers-that-be started the process of swirling rumors about offenses to the name “Redskins” as it was reported certain indigenous tribes felt the name was disrespectful to their heritage. Before then, I would be willing to bet, no one had given a thought to as to whether the moniker was offensive or not. Not long afterwards, the controversy seemingly died down, but the embers would continue to smolder for several years until some “woke” SJWs decided to pour an accelerant over the glowing mess to ignite a conflagration that’s going to be very hard to exterminate. However, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, so let me descend back to the surface of the planet I like to call Earth.

The next sign I noticed that my beloved bastion of football franchises was taking a step into the wrong direction was the Super Bowl halftime shows, which I believe have been declining in quality since the 80’s, when the shows were still somewhat family friendly. Now, the shows are nothing more than raunchy, politically-correct, rock concerts which I would be ashamed to allow my children to watch. We all remember the “wardrobe malfunction” incident involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and many of us believe that was when the halftime shows started their nosedive. However, I watched the concert leading up to the incident and it had been somewhat of a slut show up until that moment.

Then, there was the Super Bowl L halftime show featuring the black goddess, Beyonce, aka, Sasha Fierce, who wiggled her overweight and scantily-clad tail (and nearly took an embarrassing tumble) in protest to so-called police brutality that is supposedly directed at the black community, which is one of the biggest myths of our day.

In 2016 (one year after Beyonce’s Super Bowl routine), the single event that I believe accelerated the spread of venomous politics through the sports world’s circulatory system was an incident that occurred during the NFL preseason that year. A once-respected quarterback named Colin Kaepernick, a man who at one time led his team to the Super Bowl and nearly won the thing, took it upon himself to kneel during the singing of the National Anthem, stating that he couldn’t stand for the flag of a country that “oppresses black people.” When Kaep did that, he opened up a virtual Pandora’s box of poisonous social issues that, in my opinion, will take the sport’s industry a long time (if ever) to recover from.

In light of all this, I wanted to ignore all the politics to concentrate on the sport of football itself. I loved the sport so much, I was willing to ignore all the politics and I even had a friend or two on Facebook advise me I needed to drop the NFL; however, being the “freethinking person who marches to the beat of his own drum” type of person I am, I decided to stick to my guns.

However, fast-forwarded several years later, two incidents would push me over my limits. The first would involve the announcement of the singing of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (the so-called black National Anthem) before every game the first week of the season; this incident prompted me to climb the proverbial fence and teeter on the top. Then came the announcement that the owner of the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins was changing their name. Several years earlier, Dan Snyder had declared he wasn’t changing the name of the iconic football team, but in light of recent incidents involving the supposed racist killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, Snyder decided to give in to the “woke” community to give them what they wanted. Rumor has it that Snyder wanted to tear down the old RFK Stadium in DC (the Redskins’ old home) to have it replaced with a new stadium and the powers-that-be informed him he couldn’t do so unless he changed his teams name, most especially FedEx and Amazon. My guess is that the move was a financial one and Mr. Snyder gave in because he cares more about the bottom line than he does for his fans.

My guess is that folks think the name “Redskins” is similar to the “N”-word, but I digress.

As an owner, a person can do whatever he wants with his franchise and I have no problem with that; the Houston Oilers moving to Tennessee and the Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore are recent examples, but, to give in to political pressure is a cowardly move, in my humble opinion. For decades, folks of all races and cultures have cheered on their beloved Redskins impervious of any offensive implications supposedly attached to the name and logo. Heck, there were Native Americans who agreed with the team’s final name and it’s logo, the more recent logo being designed by a member of the Blackfoot Tribe; his son has even said himself that he doesn’t believe the Redskins’ moniker is offensive and other members of the Native American clan have chimed in with the same themselves. This latest action caused me to lose my balance and I fell on the other side of the fence; I can’t live with the fact that the NFL would agree with this, but with today’s “woke” culture, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as even the sports talk shows are starting to sound more like politically-correct sound stations.

So, now, I am no longer a fan of the NFL; however, I won’t advise others to follow my lead. If you decide to continue to support the NFL in spite of their political pandering, have at it and I will have no problem with you doing so. This is my personal choice to do so because I am sick and tired of the push to be politically correct in every facet of our lives.

So, take a bow, NFL! You have succeeded in offending your fans, not because of certain teams’ names, but because you care more about politics and being “woke” than you do your fans. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

So, I guess “Deadskins” will now be a proper title instead of an insult.

Stupidity Reigns!

The above poster was promoted by Smithsonian’s African-American museum. I won’t say much in this post, but take a good look at it and tell me if you see any values that you hold personally and tell me if they are a white or a black thing. I’ll see you on the rebound.

Do You Suffer From AWRS/AWGS?

Let me explain two concepts you may have never heard of because, well, I made them up. These aren’t actual diagnosed medical conditions, but I believe they are as serious as ADD/ADHD, which I don’t think are actually medical conditions, but I digress.

The first condition we’ll look at is AWRS which is an acronym for Acquired White Racist Syndrome, a malady that largely affects black folks, mainly those whom I declare to be members of the Apostles of Blackness, another group that I have made up myself to describe those who hold to uber-black rhetoric and ideas, in particular those who believe that white supremacy hides in every fiber of society and that our laws are interwoven with coded racist rhetoric that only the well-initiated can understand. These are the folks who like to jump immediately at the mention of a black person meeting some kind of unfortunate circumstance at the hands of a vanilla-fleshed individual but are usually silent when the roles are reversed; the crickets usually fill in the void left by the silence and their chorus can be quite deafening.

AWRS can also describe those who believe that all white folks are inherently racists and that being white inherits them with some sort of special “privilege” that isn’t afforded to black folks. White folks aren’t to be trusted including those that seem to fight for equality for black folks; they may fight for the rights of black and brown folks, but they are still white.

Those with AWRS also believe that the most beneficial country in history, a country they were born and raised in, was founded on racist principles. They also believe the 3/5 Compromise dehumanized black people and that that dehumanization applies today which is, they believe, the reason black folks can’t get ahead in the US today.

Of course, the Apostles of Blackness don’t have a toenail to stand on when they go about to “prove” these allegations. They simply assume that white folks will get away with the crimes that black folks won’t get away with. I can remember the Duke Lacrosse kerfuffle in which a black girl falsely accused several white members of the Blue Devils’ lacrosse squad of raping her. When it became apparent that the team members were clearly not guilty and that Durham, NC district attorney, Mike Nifong, basically played along in order to win admiration from the black community and some votes for a soon-coming election, black folks made the accusation that “had those boys been black, they would have quickly been sent to prison.” I even heard with my own ears a black person say “those boys look guilty.” Accusations like this only serve the purpose of perpetuating the lie that black folks can’t get away with the same crimes that white folks do.

Even though there are black people who live successful lives here in the US, we are told we have to work ten times as hard as white people to match their success. While there is no evidence to back up these claims, the Apostles of Blackness continue to push this rhetoric in order to reap the benefits of their supposed “victimization.” Albeit many of us benefit from the presence of Affirmative Action, we still have to work harder than the “white man” to get ahead.

I remember a post I put on Facebook about one Jay-Z, the famous rapper who is married to the even more famous Beyonce, who, despite being worth around $1 billion, wanted to preach about the evils of white privilege. I was criticized for stating this and I was reminded that Jay-Z had to work hard to escape the projects and become successful. I’ve never listened to Jay-Z’s music but I’ve read that his “success” began with rapping about the ‘hood, drug dealing, and gang-banging. I was excoriated for criticizing Bey’s husband and told that I demean myself and my fellow black constituents. This is the type of hive-mind rhetoric a black person has to face when he thinks for himself; too many black folks believe their race is contained in a vacuum of monolithic collectivism and if anyone thinks outside the boundaries, that person is branded as a traitor to his race.

Then, there is the high-supreme goddess of them all, Oprah Winfrey, who is also soaring high in the stratosphere of billions of dollars and who is also bemoaning so-called white privilege. Had it not been for those vanilla-skinned colonizers, Oprah, Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc., would never have enjoyed their present success. There’s one minor factor that neither one of them seem to understand: They are worth more than your typical white person. However, their thinking seems to say, black folks have to work harder than anyone in order to enjoy the successes of white folks, who have their wealth handed to them from some rich relative as if white folks didn’t have to work hard to enjoy their prosperity. Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James can wail about black oppression and police on the hunt for black prey while they enjoy luxuries that most white folks long for.

As I am writing this, a viral video featuring an interview Oprah is having with Prince Harry and Meagan Markle is gaining popularity on the interwebs. The former royal couple’s claim is that the tension between them and their royal family is because of supposed racism. Thanks to many Americans being infected with AWRSmany folks take the side of the ex-royals without question. You know Oprah is enjoying herself eating this all up!

Although AWRS is not an actual disease, it still wreaks havoc on one’s grey matter, like a Category 5 hurricane. Even if one were to strip away the validity of their arguments, they would still rather cling to the lies they have been fed. In my humble opinion, AWRS is somewhat of a mental disorder. Its proponents are selective in their thinking; in other words, they believe what they want to believe and get outraged at what they choose to get mad at. They don’t live in the realm of reality and have dreams of a social utopia, where everyone gets along and sings “Kumbaya” all day. Sad to say, that day isn’t coming until Jesus returns.