Black Lives…Matter?

Let me state for the record that groups like Black Lives Matter don’t deserve one, thin red dime from anyone. It is a group that was founded based on a lie (Hands up, don’t shoot!) by three women, one of which admitted that they are “trained Marxists.” From what I have seen over the past several years, BLM is one of our most prominent hate groups in America. For much of 2020, we watched as their followers looted, burned, attacked innocent bystanders, destroyed property, and committed acts of murder. The proponents of BLM made sure we wouldn’t forget the names of George Floyd, Amaud Arbery, or Breonna Say Her Name Taylor. Moreover, many folks who had favorable views of the destructive group (i.e. one Michelle Obama), deceptively declared that the protesters were peaceful; however, peaceful protesters don’t commit acts of violence that lead to $2 billion of damage. Of course, let’s ignore all of that and focus on an incident at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, an incident that occurred on one day, not much of the year, as had the BLM protests. Some people are more upset by what occurred on one day than they are about what happened during six months, but I digress.

It is this same BLM that was able to collect around $10 billion in donations in 2020. My question is this: What has happened to all that money? Where are the stories about BLM using that money to clean up neighborhoods, reduce crime, or paying scholarships for underprivileged black youth? Where are the stories of them using their ill-gotten finances to help improve the lives of those they say they care about…black lives?

Well, now, some of the people that BLM claims to represent are starting to ask the same questions. Enter on Michael Brown, Sr, father to Michael Brown, Jr, the “gentle giant” of a young man whose life was “unnecessarily” cut short by a “racist” white cop named Darren Wilson. Mike, Sr. is starting to wonder what happened to that money as well, and is demanding that BLM fork over the $20 million of the $90 million (actually $10 billion) they received in donations last year. He says they need these funds to help clean up the town of Ferguson, MO, and to be able to counter the activities of white supremacists, whoever they are. Patrisse Cullors (one of BLM’s founders) has stated that she wanted to reinvest into black communities, but where’s the money?!

I don’t believe Mike Brown, Sr. deserves one cracked penny of the funds allocated to BLM as well, because I believe most of that money will go straight into his pockets, just like it went into the pockets of the tarantulas that are the heads of the pro-black hate group. I could be wrong, but this is what I sincerely believe. Black Lives Matter is just another Ponzi scheme in which those coming in at the bottom supply the elites at the top with an endless supply of delicious dollars based on lies and manipulations, and anyone who has donated any dollars to this group was very foolish to do so. So, now, the members of Black Lives Matter are waiting for the next major incident involving a white cop and a black person so they can rev up their money flow to supply their various “needs.” Like the proverbial snakes-in-grass they are, they will continue to glean from their base by giving them false promises and hopes that their foolish funds are going to help the black communities as a whole, so let’s keep fighting…and while you’re at it, fork over the dead Presidents, because the white supremacists are the real threat to our freedom! All 20 of them!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have yet to see one story about BLM coming into certain neighborhoods to help clean them up. Baltimore would absolutely LOVE these guys!

By the way, while I’m at it, why do folks in a certain community need to depend on the government or some organization to lend some funds to help them clean up their communities anyway? Why can’t they initiate the clean-ups themselves? How much does it cost to pick up trash in their neighborhoods? How much does it cost to teach their children to respect their elders or to be sure that they grow up to become productive citizens? How much does it cost to teach girls to respect themselves by dressing to stop showing their jiggle and their shake? How much does it cost to teach boys to grow up to be real men who don’t view girls as sex objects and who won’t cut out on their children? Lastly, how much does it cost to teach children to respect authority so they won’t get in trouble with the police when they’re grown?

Black Lives Matter? Really? To those who push this mantra, I sincerely believe they don’t give a ripped pair of jeans about black lives, except for what they can contribute to their coffers. Prove me wrong.

You all have a good day and I’ll see you on the rebound.

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